The Fur Source of NY strives to house coats and accessories of the finest quality. At our Annual Sample Sale, we have many types of luxurious textiles including the coveted Sable Fur. Seen on high fashion runways, Sable is synonymous with rich fashion aesthetics and culture. Sable can originate from many countries, but the finest hails from Russia....

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Become an Educated Consumer on Fur and Shearling Textiles.

Since before wearing fur or shearling coats was in fashion, people used these textiles to help them survive the brutal winter weather in cold climates. Today, fur and shearling have made a return to the forefront of fashion for the same reason and this textile is no longer a novelty, but a n...

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Fur Information Council of America

Check out these options to winterize your wardrobe. Fur included. Get quality fur and shearling coats at half the cost from The Fur Source of NY and stay current with the top trends for the fall/winter season

10 Ways to Winterize Your Wardrobe


Check out these coats and their prices. Visit the Fur Source of Ny to by your dream fur or shearling coat f...

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As a result of last year’s prolonged, severe, winter weather, many designers and consumers are searching for the perfect material or style of outerwear that is sustainable, protective and dually fashionable. The Fur Source of New York supports this need of the consumer by providing a quality and more affordable option to that of the major retailer’...

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This year’s Fall and Winter fashion trends seen on the runways included many different variations of shearling and fur textiles. Many couture fashion houses unveiled collections that included key pieces made with these extravagant materials. Shearling coats and accessories were especially prominent and it has been made evident that fur and shearlin...

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