Fur and Shearling Textiles

12/23/14 9:08 PM

Become an Educated Consumer on Fur and Shearling Textiles.

Since before wearing fur or shearling coats was in fashion, people used these textiles to help them survive the brutal winter weather in cold climates. Today, fur and shearling have made a return to the forefront of fashion for the same reason and this textile is no longer a novelty, but a necessity. Many people do not know the different types of fur that is used for outerwear and accessories and the difference between them. Most are acquainted with Chinchilla, Mink, and Sable fur coats because of their luxurious and affluent associations. However, the shearling coat has taken the lead in today’s winter fashion trends because of its rich and rugged nature. The shearling coat is also extremely durable and it provides a remarkable amount of thermal protection from severe weather conditions. Not only does it provide optimal protection, but it lasts forever and it is a great investment.

 The most popular shearling pelts as of late are the Toscana and Merino shearling. Both of these types of shearling coats have a suede or leather exterior, but the Merino pelt has a short fur interior as opposed to the Toscana’s interior of long fur. The Merino exterior is very soft and buttery and it provides great protection for the transitional months of the year. The Toscana Shearling however provides ultimate protection from the harsher cold weather months. Often these pelts are combined to create a coat that will offer amazing protection and a beautiful look.

The Fur Source of NY not only carries the luxurious and notable types of fur, but they also have the sustainable and gorgeous shearling coats that will be a wardrobe staple for the winter. We have many Merino and Toscana shearling coats as well as other great shearling textiles from Europe. We also have two convenient locations in Manhattan for you to visit and shop and become more educated on what fur and shearling is and what it can do for you. 

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